Basic Verification

Basic Verification service verifies the core content of a college application, including personal information, education background and academic performance of an applicant.

Basic Verification covers

  • Personal information
    • Identification documents
    • Contact information
  • Education background
    • School
    • Year of first enrollment
    • Degree expected
  • Academic performance
    • Official transcript
    • Official school contact

Verification procedure

All Basic Verification procedures are completed online. After registering as user, the applicant will complete his/her online application profile. Within 20 workdays after receiving complete information, we conduct verification by working closely with local education authorities and related individuals. During this period, all applicants are responsible for cooperating with us and providing all possible support on gathering relevant information and sharing contact information of key individuals that could verify the information. Once verification is completed, the credibility profile of the applicant will be entered into the Profile Database for College Applicants, which overseas colleges can access in their admissions process (within protection of privacy terms). Applicants will also receive a short form copy of their Verification Reports.

Verification cost

Basic Verification is conducted at the cost of RMB2000 (US$320) per completed verification. Applicants who want to conduct Additional Verification and Report Mailing Service can still submit additional requests within 1 year after completing the Basic Verification.